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False lashes explained

Eyelashes are so huge and in high demand with brides right now and they are also a very personal choice.

Eyelash extensions

They are amazing and very popular with brides, you can have them so they look very natural or for more drama choose Russian lashes

I would recommend eyelash extensions if you would like lashes after the wedding for your honeymoon too. With the eyelash extensions you need to try them a couple of months before the wedding, so you can really get a good idea of how they look like on you and what look you would like to achieve for your wedding.

Strip lashes

Strip lashes are the perfect lash for dramatic lashes for just your wedding day. I would recommend if you are looking for a more dramatic glam bridal eye or you are used to wearing more dramatic eyes. 


Cluster/individual lashes

These are the ones if you would like a natural look just for the day but lots of my brides do try make them last as long as they can. Gives your eyes a little flick to make them more open. Whenever I wear these, people always say you look well, but they can never tell what it is because they are so natural looking. These are the ones I personally used for my wedding in August. I also used a product which is my secret product (Revitalash) which is good to use a couple of months before your wedding, which makes your natural lashes longer, thicker and better condition. It's an investment but actually works. 


Just one more lash option if you are nervous about going for the false lashes.

Why not try LVL lash lift.

LVL is a natural lift and the treatment includes tinting, which darkens your natural lashes, so they appear longer, thicker and lifted. Very good for your honeymoon too. Like all bridal beauty treatments I would recommend you try at least a couple of months before your wedding. Very effective to use Revitalash a couple of months before LVL treatment; your natural lashes will look absolutely amazing (definitely take a before and after picture of your lashes).


The Big Bridal Nail Question

To Gel Or Not To Gel?
There are many pros and cons to using gel or regular nail polish. When it comes to your big day, you may want to consider both options for your nails. Here are the pros and cons you may wish to consider when making this decision.

Regular nail polish manicure
This technique has been around for years and remains incredibly popular with brides.

You can remove the nail polish yourself
It doesn’t take long to apply.
It doesn’t strengthen your nails
It can chip easily
Doesn’t look as bright as a gel
You have to wait for the polish to dry.

Gel Manicure (Bio Sculpture or Shellac)
This technique has grown in popularity over the last few years. It involves using gel polish and a led lamp to set, making your nails thicker and brighter.

You can actually do gel days before the wedding and will still have excellent looking nails on the wedding day
Gel nails dry straight away and last longer than normal polish, 2.5-3 weeks
The colour doesn’t fade or smudge.
The procedure takes 45 mins, maybe longer depending on the design/look you are going for and the condition of your natural nails
You need to soak nails to remove with nail polish remover or acetone.



Hi everyone, we are making it through lockdown. Hopefully not much longer! look forward to meeting all of you soon for trials. I am very excited to lauched today on Guides For Brides The Bridal Beauty Prep Guide (http://www.guidesforbrides.co.uk/wedding-ideas/bridal-beauty-prep/)

If you are thinking when and why to have a bridal hair and make trial? Then all is explained below.

Having a bridal trial is important, even if you are definitely sure you know what you would like to go for.

Your trial is the first personal meeting with your hair and make-up stylist.

It is a good to be completely at ease and have a familiar face on your wedding day.

After you have looked through images on Google and Pinterest and decided what you would like. It's good to try the look out on yourself, so you can make any changes to suit you 100%.

I would recommend having your bridal hair and make-up trial a couple of months before your wedding. Just so we have a good idea of hair length for hair style and we can also go through any beauty/skincare prep.

Really looking forward to meeting you all soon for your trials. Can not wait!


So, what are going to be the hot hair and make-up trends for 2020?

When it comes to make-up, less is more, enhance your features in your own way. It doesn't have to be complicated. We should not compare ourselves to the layers of make-up and contouring we see on Instagram, especially the ones claiming to be 'natural' or 'no make-up'.

                        Foundation and skin

No need to layer up and bake your skin, you only need a simple translucent powder on your T-zone if you have oily skin. It is so nice to still keep a youthful, fresh glow to your skin. If you have oily skin use a mattifying primer before applying your foundation and if you have dry skin use Weleda Skin Food Light as your primer. (You can get it from Amazon or Waitrose)

Only wear foundation if it is needed. Apply one pump in the centre of your face and blend outwards, then touch up with concealer to gain a natural look.


To achieve a natural look it is best to keep eyes more nude. Avoid using black eyeliner and dark shades for eye shadow. Maybe you could try more of an uplifting vibe lip colour, like a bright red for daytime and deep red for the evening.


Natural and loose bridal hair is extremely popular, go with the flow of your natural texture and waves with a loose up-do with trailing tendrils.  A textured ponytail can still make a big impact with a more elegant and sophisticated look. Alternatively, go full on Glam with a Hollywood wave and make a statement with lips, red gloss making a real aisle impact.

                        Bridal hair accessories 

Accessories are becoming increasingly popular with many brides choosing a head piece that makes a real impression. What about making a classic up do even prettier with a oversized floral crown or individual blossoms nested in curls?

If you prefer a princess look you must add a tiara or crystal/pearl headband. Your photos will be stunning and you will feel like royalty!



              5 top tips for skincare in lockdown.

1. A good skincare routine. 

Cleanse am and pm

Exfoliate twice a week

use a light hydrating mask once a week

and remember to wear SPF to protect from uv rays even when its cloudy.

Prevent premature ageing and pigmentation.

2. Try to destress as much as possible, will help keep immune system strong strong and help the healing process of the skin. So try take some time out for yourself by having a relaxing bath or just some simple breathing techniques. I know its easier said then done, but will really help to keep your skin clear and bright.

3. Drink lots of water to flush any toxins, to prevent breakouts and to keep your body and skin hydrated.

4.Regular exercise helps to bring nutrients and oxygen to the skin cells to keep the skin looking bright.

5. Of course us ladies do need our beauty sleep.

make sure you get plenty of sleep to help repair your skin health. so you are looking refreshed on your big day.

Have a restful week Amyxxx


I am not sure what I would like for my hair and make-up for my wedding day would you advise me?

Of course! I have been advising brides for over a decade and they have a range of tastes and styles. This is why it’s a great idea to get to know you before your big day. By understanding your preferences and unique tastes I can advise you on what would compliment you for your wedding. By bringing a photo of your dress I can incorporate this into my planning for your make-up and hair. So you compliment your dress and your dress compliments you!

How soon before my wedding do I need a trial?

I normally recommend trials to be 6-8 weeks before the wedding. This allows enough time for re-trial if necessary, and also enough time to give your hair and skin little extra TLC if needed. Unless you are planning a drastic haircut, it will also enable me to see how you hair will be on the day and what styles will work best with it. If you would like to have your trial on a particular date then please let me know as soon as possible so that I can reserve that date for you. Summer months are particularly busy so do be aware of this when choosing a trial date. If you would like to have your trial outside of the 8 weeks time frame then this is fine also, my time scale is simply a guideline.

Do I need a trial?

Trials are important for a number of reasons.

Firstly: So that we can try out your hair and make-up to see if it is what you are after for your wedding day. We can also go through expert skin care and beauty prep routine so that your skin is the best condition for your special day.

Secondly: To be able to see how much time we will need on the day to create the look that you want.

Thirdly: So that we can get to know each other before the day. You can choose to have your trial at your home or at my studio in Buckinghamshire.

Honesty really is the best policy when it comes to trials, so please do be aware that I am rarely offended by feedback.

Can you do separate trial dates for my bridesmaids?

Trials are not compulsory for bridesmaids but I do ask that you send over pictures of your bridesmaids and examples of styles that you would like for them so that I can fully prepare timings for the day. Unfortunately, without having done a trial for bridesmaids I cannot do styles which are too detailed and complicated to prevent any unnecessary stress on the wedding morning.

Which treatments would be recommended before wedding day?

Most brides are looking to make sure their skin is the best that it possibly can be and want to know what treatments they need to do in order to achieve the ‘glow’ that they desire.

On offer is a wide range of facials to suit every skin type whether you are looking for a hydration with a hyaluronic mask, deep exfoliate with a facial peel, toning with microcurrent. I use Image, Environ and Neals Yard for these treatments.

If you are looking for a tanned look, but haven’t seen the sun lately, then we offer St Tropez natural sunless tan. A quick spray application that develops in just 3 hours, giving your skin the ‘sun kissed’ look.

Facials and tanning are just a couple of the possible treatments available. Also available are eyelash extensions, eyelash lift or if you just need a little help with your brows. Most brides enjoy getting their hands and toes looking and feeling beautiful, so a manicure or pedicure, with normal polish or shellac/bio sculpture gels for long lasting wear, is always well received! (These should even last for your honeymoon too!)

Which make-up brands do you use? I have sensitive skin, are your products suitable for me?

Most of the kit is Mac and Yves Saint Laurent, chosen for its longevity and flawless coverage, which will look great in your photos. We also use a few specially selected products from other well known make-up brands.

The products are water based, so it is extremely unlikely that you would react to it. I have used this make-up previously on hyposensitive skins including rosaceous and have never experienced a problem with it. If, however, you do have any known allergies then please let me know before your trial so that I can try and source alternative products for you.

I am not use to wearing a lot of make-up and would prefer a more natural look?

Of course, I advise you to wear a little more than you usually would do so it lasts all day and stands out in your photos. However, it is also very important you feel like yourself on your wedding day.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

Due to the volume of enquiries for every weekend of the year, I will need to take a deposit of £100 to secure your wedding date. This will be redeemable off the total wedding cost.

Can I use my own make-up?

I am happy to apply any make-up products of your own for you. I want you to feel at your best and so would be glad to use any products that you are used to or use regularly. I will also be happy to give advice on certain products based on my experiences.

Will you fix my hair accessories and veil for me on the wedding day?

We are more than happy to help with adding hair accessories, veil or fascinator on the wedding day.

When should I wash my hair?

I would recommend you wash your hair the day before your wedding. So that the hair is not too silky and holds in place.

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